Fast Facts

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  • Capital: Wajir
  • Governor: H.E HON. AMB. Mohamed Abdi Mahamud EGH
  • Deputy Governor: H.E Ahmed Muktar Ali


Wajir is a Borana word that means coming together, bequeathed to this part of the country because of the different clans and pastoral communities that used to congregate in areas around Wajir town to water their animals from the abundant and dependable shallow wells that characterize the general land geomorphology. Wajir County is located in North Eastern part of Kenya. The county covers an area of 56,685.8 sq Km with Wajir Town being it's administrative headquarters. It has a mean annual temperature of 28 °C with rainfall amounts ranging between 250mm and 700mm per annum in different parts of the county. Wajir county borders Mandera to the North and North East, Garissa to the South and South West, Isiolo and Marsabit to the West, and the Republics of Ethiopia to the North West and of Somalia to the East. Wajir county has only one local authority; Wajir county council. The county has four constituencies namely Wajir North, Wajir West, Wajir East and Wajir South.

Demographic Information

The county has a population of 661,941 and an area of 55,840.6 km².

Economic Activities

The main economic activity in Wajir County is pastoralism with some agro-pastrolism being practised in the Northern part of the county. The large tracts of land in the county provide the grazing pastures for the large camel and cattle herds present in the county. Rain-fed agriculture is practiced on a small scale basis in the higher altitude regions. Groundwater harvesting from numerous wells, earth pans, dams and boreholes is also undertaken due to the high water table. Despite having mineral resources such as limestone and sand, Wajir county has also high potential for solar and wind energy .