Fast Facts


Vihiga County government is located in the former Western Province of Kenya whose headquarters is at Mbale, the largest town in the county. Vihiga County covers an area of 530.9 sq Km with a population of 554,622 (2009 census) and an area of 563 kmĀ².. it has an annual average rainfall of between 1,800mm and 2,000 mm and average temperature of 24 Degrees C. The county borders Kakamega County to the North, Nandi county to the East, Kisumu county to the South, and Siaya county to the West. It has 3 Local Authorities (Vihiga Municipal Council, Vihiga County Council, and Luanda Town Council) Mbale Town is the administrative capital and 5 constituencies (Emuhaya, Hamisi,Sabatia,Vihiga and Luanda)

Economic Activities

Vihiga County has hilly terrain. It also has a good amount of forest cover such as Kibiri forest, which is an extension of Kakamega forest. Agriculture is the main economic activity. Crops planted include tea, maize, millet, bananas, avocado, papaya, sweet potatoes and cassava. Livestock rearing is also practiced in the county.