Fast Facts

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  • Capital: Lodwar
  • Governor: H.E HON Josphat Koli Nanok
  • Deputy Governor: H.E Peter Lotethiro Emuria


Turkana County covers an area of 68,680.3 Sq Km. It is warm and hot with unreliable rainfall pattern ranging between 300mm and 400mm per annum. It has 2 Local Authorities (Municipal council of Lodwar, County Council of Turkana) Lodwar Town is the administrative headquarters. It borders Marsabit county to the east, Samburu county to the south east, and Baringo and West Pokot county to the south-west.

The dominant community in the county is the Turkana people though, there are several other pastoral communities that have settled in the area. Turkana County constitutes 3 constituencies (Turkana North, Turkana Central and Turkana South).

Economic Activities

Majority of the residents of Turkana County are nomads and fishing as a major source of their livelihoods. Fishing is practiced in Lake Turkana with Tilapia and Nile perch being common in the Lake. Goats, camels, donkeys and zebu cattle the most common livestock kept by the communities in the region. Kerio River and Turkwell dam supply the region with water for cultivation and for livestock.

The county’s tourist attractions includes Lake Turkana, Sibiloi National Park and two islands on Lake Turkana that migratory birds use as a stopping ground. The parks are also habitats to Nile crocodiles, hippopotamus and snakes. Basket weaving and fish trade along the shores of Lake Turkana is also a common activity in the county.

Wind power project and the passing of a major power transmission line from the Ethiopian Hydro-electric power station projects are being explored, and funding already for the largest wind power farm to be implemented. Oil has been discovered and further exploration for additional oil deposits is ongoing.