Fast Facts


Nyeri County is located in Central Kenya. It covers an area of 3,337.1 sq km and has a population of 661,156 people. Temperatures range between 12°C to 27°C while rainfall amounts range between 550mm and 1,500mm per annum. The county has 4 local authorities (Nyeri County Council, Othaya Town Council, and Municipal Councils of Nyeri and Karatina) Nyeri town is the administrative town. Nyeri County borders the following counties; Laikipia to the North, Meru to the North East, Kirinyaga to the East, Murang'a to the South, and Nyandarua to the West.Nyeri County constitutes 6 sub-counties (Tetu, Kieni, Mathira, Othaya, Mukurwe-ini and Nyeri town).

Economic Activities

The county is very conducive for agriculture as a result of fertile soils. Tea and coffee are the major cash crops grown in the area. Nyeri county also hosts private ranches that supply dairy and beef products. Some of the ranches serve as private wildlife sanctuaries that attract local and foreign tourists a key activity in county’s economy, including but not limited to the nearby Mount Kenya and Aberdare National Park. Facilities and hotels such as The White Rhino, Outspan and Aberdare Country Club serve this market.

The key notable landmark in Nyeri is the Mount Kenya that hosts the Mount Kenya National Park, situated about 20 kilometers out of town. It is the highest mountain in the country (5188M) and the second, after Kilimanjaro in Africa. It has two main snow covered peaks, Batian and Nelion.