Fast Facts

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  • Capital: Marsabit
  • Governor: H.E HON. Mohsmuf Mohamed Ali
  • Deputy Governor: H.E Solomon Gubo Riwe


Marsabit County is situated in the former Eastern Province of Kenya with it's capital town being Marsabit town and its largest town Moyale. Marsabit county borders Ethiopia to the North and North East, Wajir County to the East, Isiolo County to the South East, Samburu County to the South and South West and Lake Turkana to the West and North West. The county has a population of 291,166 people.

Temperatures in the region range from a minimum of 10.1°C to a maximum of 30.2°C, with an annual average of 20.1°C. Rainfall ranges between 200mm and 1,000mm per annum.

Economic activities

The county’s rich cultural heritage has made the region an important attraction to anthropologists. Cows, sheep and goats are among the most important livestock among the pastoralist communities in the county Crops are grown Highland areas such as around Mt. Marsabit, Mt. Kulal Donyo Mara range due to reasonable rainfall and favourable soils. The county has forest cover around Mount Marsabit, Mount Kulal biosphere conservation among other areas .

Despite having many types of wildlife and birds and attractions such as Lake Paradise (inside Marsabit National Park and Reserve) and Bongole Crater, the county also has a huge untapped potential for tourist attraction . These include volcanoes and crater lakes, Mount Marsabit Mountain peak and the singing wells as well as Marsabit National Park & Reserve, Sibiloi and South Island National Park and Lake Sokote. The is also a popular trading point between Kenya and Ethiopia facilitating supply and movement of goods and services through Moyale town.