Fast Facts

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  • Capital: Wote
  • Governor: H.E Prof. Kivutha Kibwana, EGH
  • Deputy Governor: H.E Adelina Mwau Ndeto, OGW


Makueni County is located in the southern part of Eastern province. Temperatures range from minimum of between 12 degrees C to a maximum of 28 degrees C while rainfall range from 150mm to 650 mm per annum. It has 3 Local Authorities (Town Councils of Wote, Mtito Andei and County Council of Makueni) Wote town is the administrative capital of the county. The county borders Kitui to the east, Taita Taveta to the south, Kajiado to the west and Machakos to the north. The county covers an area of 8008.8 km2 and comprises of eight districts namely Makueni, Mukaa, Mbooni East, Mbooni West, Kilungu, Nzaui, Kibwezi and Kathonzweni. The county has a population of 884,527 (2009 census) and an area of 8,008.9 km². Makueni County constitutes 6 constituencies (Mbooni, Kilome, Kaiti, Makueni, Kibwezi west and Kibwezi East).

Economic Activities

Commercial agriculture maily cotton and fruit farming is done in the lower parts of the county. Other crops grown are maize, beans, peas, millet, sorgum, sweet potatoes and cassava. Dairy farming is also undertaken both for subsistence and commercial purposes.

A dozen of water management community projects that include dams, irrigation schemes and boreholes have improved the County’s overall water supply resulting in a boost in both agricultural and horticultural production.

The world famous Chyulu Hills National Park is home to the longest lava tube in the world. The park, its lava tube along with the caves and wildlife, are major tourist attractions of tourists to the area. There are a number of tourist hotels and lodges however opportunities exist in developing more of such facilities to tap into the growing tourist market.

Makueni County has a highlands zone characterised by coffee farming and large lowland zones characterised by maize and fruit agriculture. The County suffers prolonged droughts from time to time. Water management has been identified as the major opportunity for investment. Read more...