Fast Facts

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  • Capital: HomaBay
  • Governor: H.E Cyprian Archelius Awiti
  • Deputy Governor: H.E Hamilton Orata Onyango


Homa Bay County is located in the former Nyanza Province. It covers an area of 3,154.7 km²a population of 963,794 (2009 census). It experiences a temperature range of between 17.1°C and 34.8°C, with rainfall amounts of between 250mm and 700mm per annum. The County has 7 local authorities (Town councils of Mbita Point, Oyugis, and Kendu Bay, County council of Suba, Rachuonyo, and Homa Bay, and Municipal Council of Homa Bay) with Homa Bay town being the administrative headquarters. The county is made up of 8 sub-counties ; Kasipul,Kabondo,Karachuonyo,Rangwe,Homa bay town, Ndhiwa Mbita and Suba.

Economic Activities

Fishing (On Lake Victoria) and agriculture are the main economic activities in Homa Bay County accounting for the largest share of household income in the region. Subsistence farming is practiced extensively with crops such as maize, sorghum, ground nut, millet and potatoes being grown.

Ruma National Park and Mount Homa are major tourist attractions. Opportunities therefore exist in development of tourist facilities to tap into this market. The county is also endowed with large tracts of forest cover a good opportunity to exploit forest resources.

Recent archaeological excavations in Kanjera South, located on the Homa Peninsula have yielded a combination of artefacts of the Oldowan culture and well preserved faunal remains in a sedimentary context that also allows for environmental reconstruction. The earlier findings by Louis Leakey and others include fragments of four anatomically modern humans associated with Pleistocene mammal fossils. + Read more