Fast Facts


Busia County is located in western Kenya, covers an area of 1,695 Sq Km with average temperature of 22°C and between 750mm -1,800mm of rainfall per annum. The county’s administrative capital is Busia town. There are 7 sub-counties in Busia county namely, Namabale, Butula, Funyula, Budalangi,Matayos, Teso North and Teso South

Topographical Information

Most parts of Busia County fall within the Lake Victoria Basin with an attitude of about 1,130m above sea level around the shores of Lake Victoria, to a maximum of about 1,500m in Samia and North Teso Hills. The central part of the county, especially Butula and Nambale Sub-counties, are occupied by plains marked by low flat divides of approximately uniform height, often capped by shallowly incised swampy drainage system. Samia Hills represent the basement complex and consist of acid and sub-acid lavas, and agglomerates, banded quartzite and iron stones. The Kavirondo series rocks are developed around Busia, Nambale and Butula while the granites dominate the northern parts of county.

The northern part of the central region features granitic out crops, which is essentially part of the plains and is characterized by the presence of large granitic hills and tor such as Amukura and Chelelemuk.

The southern part is covered by a range of hills comprising the Samia and Funyula Hills which run from the north east to the south west culminating at Port Victoria; forming a very conspicuous topographic feature.

The southernmost part of the county is covered by the Yala Swamp which is a down warped area associated with the formation of Lake Victoria. The area forms a colony of papyrus growth and is broken by irregular water channels and occasional small dams with grassy islands. This area is covered with locustrine and alluvial deposits of recent and Pleistocene times.

Other rivers that form the drainage system in the county includes Malakisi river to the extreme north, Malaba in the northern entry of the central region and River Sio in Samia and Nambale Sub-counties and river Nzoia that drains into Lake Victoria through Bunyala Sub-county.

Economic Activities

The county is the main point of entry between Kenya and Uganda accounting for the bulk of trade between the two countries. The presence of Lake Victoria has allowed the residents of this region to practice fishing one of the major economic activities in the county.

Rainfall is moderate throughout the year allowing the County to experience conducive conditions for crop agriculture. Cassava, millet, sweet potatoes, beans, and maize is grown in small scale. The country produce is reasonably priced food items and is within the county and in other parts of the country.