Fast Facts


Bungoma County is located in Western Kenya in the former Western Province. It has a population of approximately 1,375,063(2009) people and an area of 2,069 km², with temperatures ranging from between 15 – 30 Degrees depending on the season and average rainfall of between 1200mm to 1800mm per annum. The County administrative centre is Bungoma Town. It has 7 Local Authorities (Municipal Councils of Bungoma, Webuye and Kimilili, County Councils of Bungoma and Mt Elgon, and Town Councils of Sirisia and Malakisi). The county has 5 constituencies namely, Kimilili, Webuye, Sirisia, Kanduyi, Bumula and Mt. Elgon.

Economic Activities

Agriculture is the main economic activity in the county with Sugar cane and maize farming being major crops grown and accounting to a part of the county’s income. The region also has good livestock breeds that has seen the growth of beef and dairy industries. The county enjoys a relatively good weather and high amounts of rainfall. Furthermore, small scale irrigation is practiced from the large rivers that traverse the county.

The Kenya-Uganda railway which passes through the region has also contributed significantly in supporting businesses in the county. This has seen the development of urban centres with dense population that has attracted financial institutions and retail businesses.

Industrial centres exist in Nzoia and Webuye (Sugar Milling and Paper Production). These industries provide employment and support agricultural production particularly sugar cane growing. Potential to expand these industries and develop new ones exist. + Read more